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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 95, Issue 9 

September 21, 2023 Page range: i-iii


Ivone Carvalho, Amélia P. Rauter, Nikolay E. Nifantiev
Preface to 30th International Carbohydrate Symposium ICS-30, Brazil 2022 939


Conference papers

A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 30th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS-30), which was held in Brazil, 10–15 July 2022; PAC keyword: ICS-30


Ana M. Gomez, Juan Ventura, Clara Uriel and Jose Cristobal Lopez
Synthesis of carbohydrate–BODIPY hybrids 945

Akihiro Ishiwata, Toma Kashima, Machika Kaieda, Katsunori Tanaka, Kiyotaka Fujita, Shinya Fushinobu and Yukishige Ito
Synthesis and structural analysis of D-fructofuranosylated compounds for the analysis of GH172 difructose dianhydride I synthase/hydrolase 955

Wei Liu, Ziqiang Wang, Tayyab Gulzar, Xiaodong Zhang, Guoping Ding, Peng Xu and Biao Yu
4-(2′-Phenylethynylphenyl)phenyl glycosides as glycosylation donors 965

Shinya Hanashima, Mikito Nakano and Michio Murata
Dynamic assembly and interaction of glycosphingolipids in cholesterol-containing model membranes 971

Bridget L. Stocker, Emma M. Dangerfield, Sandeep K. Gupta, Natalie A. Parlane, Amy J. Foster, D. Neil Wedlock and Mattie S. M. Timmer
Lipidated brartemicin adjuvant p-C18Brar is a promising α,α′-trehalose 6,6′-dilipid for use in ovine pneumonia vaccines 979

Maria Vitória Guimarães Leal, Andressa Silva Gomes, Gabrieli Roefero Tolosa, Guilherme Dognani and Aldo Eloizo Job
pH dependence of glyphosate adsorption from aqueous solution using a cationic cellulose microfibers (cCMF) biosorbent 991

Shivender Yadav and Narayanaswamy Jayaraman
Gradation control in the hydrodynamic diameters of mixed glycan-aglycan glycovesicles 1001

Isadora de Araújo Oliveira, Daniela Maria dos Santos Lucena, Bruno da Costa Rodrigues, Victória Trindade Maller, Rodrigo Nunes da Fonseca, Diego Allonso and Adriane Regina Todeschini
From metabolism to disease: the biological roles of glutamine:fructose-6-phosphate amidotransferase (GFAT) 1009

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