eTOC Alert ‘Pure and Applied Chemistry’ – October 2023

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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 95, Issue 10 

October 11, 2023 Page range: i-iii


Marco Geppi and Laurent Delevoye
Preface, first Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance 1027

Conference papers

A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the Italian-French International Conference on Magnetic Resonance, Milan, Italy, 27–30 September 2022. PAC keyword: Italian-French NMR conference


Andrea Scarperi, Noemi Landi, Alessio Gabbani, Nabila Jarmouni, Silvia Borsacchi, Lucia Calucci, Andrea Pucci, Elisa Carignani, Francesco Pineider and Marco Geppi
Multinuclear solid state nuclear magnetic resonance for studying CsPbBr3 nanocubes 1031

Luca Fusaro, Nikolay Tumanov, Giacomo Saielli and Riccardo Montis
Insights into the self-assembly of fampridine hydrochloride: how the choice of the solvent affects the crystallization of a simple salt 1043

Alejandro Fernández, Andras Lang, Margarida Gairí, María Teresa González, Francisco Cárdenas and Miquel Pons
NMR approaches to study proteins integrating globular and disordered domains: the case of c-Src 1059

Itamar Ronen and Andrew G. Webb
1H NMR spectroscopy of strongly J-coupled alcohols acquired at 50 mT (2 MHz) using a Carr–Purcell–Meiboom–Gill echo technique 1067

Daniel Topgaard
Skin, soap, and spaghetti: investigations of co-existing solid and liquid phases in organic materials using solid-state NMR with dynamics-based spectral editing 1075

Feryal Guerroudj, Laouès Guendouz, Rainier Hreiz, Jean-Marc Commenge, Lucie Klopffer, Nicolas Louvet, Laurence Mathieu and Jean-Christophe Perrin
Low-cost MRI devices and methods for real-time monitoring of flow and transfer phenomena in millichannels 1091

IUPAC Technical Reports

David G. Shaw, Ian Bruno, Stuart Chalk, Glenn Hefter, David Brynn Hibbert, Robin A. Hutchinson, M. Clara F. Magalhães, Joseph Magee, Leah R. McEwen, John Rumble, Gregory T. Russell, Earle Waghorne, Thomas Walczyk and Timothy J. Wallington
Chemical data evaluation: general considerations and approaches for IUPAC projects and the chemistry community (IUPAC Technical Report) 1107


Paul D. Topham, Raymond J. Boucher, Taihyun Chang, Miroslava Dušková Smrčková, Wesley S. Farrell, Jiasong He, Michael Hess, Wenbing Hu, Helena J. Hutchins-Crawford, Daniel J. Keddie, Peter E. Mallon, Jan Merna, Natalie Stingelin, Adriana Šturcová and Jiří Vohlídal
A brief guide to polymer characterization: structure (IUPAC Technical Report) 1121



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