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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 93, Issue 10 

Nov 18, 2021 Page range: i-iv

Special topic issue

Marloes Peeters
Celebrating a centenary of macromolecules 1061

Invited paper

Michael Hess and Martin A. Walker
Hermann Staudinger – Organic chemist and pioneer of macromolecules 1063

Adriana Šturcová
On cellulose spatial organization and interactions as unraveled by diffraction and spectroscopic methods
throughout the 20th century 1073

Chin Han Chan, Jean-Marc Saiter, Hubert Eudier and Hans-Werner Kammer
Dielectric properties of processed cheese 1087

Jake McClements, Luciana C. Gomes, Joshua Spall, Fabien Saubade, Devine Akhidime, Marloes Peeters, Filipe
J. Mergulhão and Kathryn A. Whitehead
Celebrating the centenary in polymer science: Drawing inspiration from nature to develop anti-fouling
coatings. The development of biomimetic polymer surfaces and their effect on bacterial fouling 1097

Daniel Cohen, Esha Thakur and Michael G. Walter
Mitigating the charge trapping effects of D-sorbitol/poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):
poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) polymer blend contacts to crystalline silicon 1109

Nurul Fatahah Asyqin Zainal, Hairunnisa Ramli, Margarethe Fritz, Volker Abetz and Chin Han Chan
Influence of thermal treatment on the properties and intermolecular interactions of epoxidized natural
rubber-salt systems 1119

Danniebelle N. Haase, Blair Brettmann and Marloes Peeters
Leveraging diversity and inclusion in the polymer sciences: the key to meeting the rapidly changing needs of
our world 1141


Conference papers

Ponnadurai Ramasami
The virtual conference on chemistry and its applications, VCCA-2020, 1–31 August 2020 1159
PAC keyword: VCCA-2020; event:

Isel Pascual Alonso, Gabriela García, Lisset Díaz, Yarini Arrebola, Laura Rivera Méndez, Fabiola Almeida
García, Mae Chappé Pacheco, Belinda Sánchez and Jean-Louis Charli
Effect of non-competitive inhibitors of aminopeptidase N on viability of human and murine tumor
cells 1161

Krishna Bisetty, Suvardhan Kanchi and Phathisanani Hloma
Evaluation of the catalytic activity of graphene oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles on the electrochemical
sensing of T1R2-Rebaudioside A complex supported by in silico methods 1171

John P. Canal
Maximizing student learning through the use of demonstrations 1181

Ramon Carbó-Dorca
Molecular spaces and the dimension paradox 1189

Olivier Holtomo, Lydia Rhyman, Mama Nsangou, Ponnadurai Ramasami and Ousmanou Motapon
Reaction of •OH with CHCl=CH-CHF2 and its atmospheric implication for future environmental-friendly
refrigerant 1197

Kriti Kashyap and Rita Kakkar
In silico study of the synergistic anti-tumor effect of hybrid topoisomerase-HDAC inhibitors 1213

Aleksandar Živković, Jacobina Sheehama, Michael E. A. Warwick, Daniel R. Jones, Claire Mitchel, Daniel Likius,
Veikko Uahengo, Nelson Y. Dzade, Sankar Meenakshisundaram, Charles W. Dunnill and Nora H. de Leeuw
Structural and electronic properties of Cu4O3 (paramelaconite): the role of native impurities 1229


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