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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 95, Issue 5 

June 11, 2023 Page range: i-iii


Konstantinos S. Triantafyllidis
Preface for special issue of ICGC-9 in Athens, Greece 463

Conference papers

A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 9th International Conference on Green Chemistry (ICGC-9) held in Athens, Greece, 5−9 September 2022; PAC keyword: ICGC-9


Chao-Jun Li
HOME-Chemistry: hydrazone as organo-metallic equivalent 465

Marta Goliszek, Beata Podkościelna, Nataliia Smyk and Olena Sevastyanova
Towards lignin valorization: lignin as a UV-protective bio-additive for polymer coatings 475

Peter Bentley, Karl Williams and Ala Khodier
How the physio-chemical properties of char from the pyrolysis of Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR) influences its future uses 487

Shuaibul-Zaman Shah, Iqleem H. Taqvi, Sidra Ameen, Arfana Mallah, Jamil A. Buledi, Nadir H. Khand and Amber R. Solangi
Plant based fabrication of CuO/NiO nanocomposite: a green approach for low-level quantification of vanillin in food samples 501

Krystyna Wnuczek, Andrzej Puszka and Beata Podkościelna
Synthesis and characterization of new polycarbonates free of bisphenol A components (BPA-free) based on dimethyl/diphenyl carbonate and diphenylmethane derivative 513

Aleksandra Bazan-Wozniak, Selahattin Yilmaz, Agnieszka Nosal-Wierciñska and Robert Pietrzak
Adsorption capacity of biocarbons from residue of supercritical extraction of raw plants 545

Marlena Gęca, Małgorzata Wiśniewska, Piotr Nowicki and Katarzyna Jędruchniewicz
Cd(II) and As(V) removal from the multicomponent solutions in the presence of ionic polymers using carbonaceous adsorbents obtained from herbs 563

Krystyna Wnuczek, Karolina Sowa, Beata Podkościelna and Tomasz Klepka
Synthesis and thermal characterization of composites based on Epidian 601 with flame retardants compounds 579

Panagiota Fella, Marinos Stylianou and Agapios Agapiou
A green sorptive extraction method (HiSorb-TD-GC-MS) for determining the extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) aroma profile 595

Karolina Młynarczyk, Magdalena Jaszek, Monika Osińska-Jaroszuk and Beata Podkościelna
Synthesis, aging and antimicrobial tests of (di)acrylate composites 611

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