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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 91, Issue 3


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{Conference papers}
{Papers from the 2018 International Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC)}

Papers from the 17th International Conference on Polymers and Organic Chemistry (POC-17)

David, Ghislain

Page 361

Brønsted base mediated one-pot synthesis of catechol-ended amphiphilic polysarcosine-b-poly(N-butyl glycine) diblock copolypeptoids

Gebru, Hailemariam / Wang, Xin / Li, Zhenjiang / Liu, Jingjing / Xu, Jiaxi / Wang, Haixin / Xu, Songquan / Wei, Fulan / Zhu, Hui / Guo, Kai

Page 363

Amberlite XAD7 resin functionalized with crown ether and Fe(III) used for arsenic removal from water

Ciopec, Mihaela / Davidescu, Corneliu Mircea / Negrea, Adina / Duţeanu, Narcis / Rusu, Gerlinde / Grad, Oana / Negrea, Petru

Page 375

New AB type monomers from lignocellulosic biomass

Serum, Eric M. / Sutton, Catherine A. / Renner, Anna C. / Dawn, Dyuti / Sibi, Mukund P.

Page 389

Enzymatic synthesis and characterization of novel terpolymers from renewable sources

Aparaschivei, Diana / Todea, Anamaria / Frissen, August E. / Badea, Valentin / Rusu, Gerlinde / Sisu, Eugen / Puiu, Maria / Boeriu, Carmen G. / Peter, Francisc

Page 397

New sulfur-containing polymeric sorbents based on 2,2′-thiobisethanol dimethacrylate

Ronka, Sylwia

Page 409

Phosphorus chemistry: from small molecules, to polymers, to pharmaceutical and industrial applications

Papathanasiou, Konstantinos E. / Vassaki, Maria / Spinthaki, Argyro / Alatzoglou, Fanouria-Eirini G. / Tripodianos, Eleftherios / Turhanen, Petri / Demadis, Konstantinos D.

Page 421

New polymeric adsorbent materials used for removal of phenolic derivatives from wastewaters

Davidescu, Corneliu-Mircea / Ardelean, Radu / Popa, Adriana

Page 443

Biosorption of Pb(II) ions from aqueous solution using alginates extracted from Djiboutian seaweeds and deposited on silica particles

Aden, Moumin / Husson, Jérôme / Monney, Sandrine / Franchi, Marielle / Knorr, Michael / Euvrard, Myriam

Page 459

Benzothiadiazole-based conjugated polyelectrolytes for interfacial engineering in optoelectronic devices

Squeo, Benedetta Maria / Carulli, Francesco / Lassi, Elisa / Galeotti, Francesco / Giovanella, Umberto / Luzzati, Silvia / Pasini, Mariacecilia

Page 477

Formation of highly quaternized N,N,N-trimethylchitosan: a chemoselective methodology in aqueous media

Soubaneh, Youssouf D. / Ouellet, Steeven / Dion, Caroline / Gagnon, Jonathan

Page 489

Novel terpolymers containing carbazole, coumarin and Alq3 complexes

Bogdal, Dariusz / Galica, Mateusz

Page 497

Synthesis of new high molecular weight phosphorylated chitosans for improving corrosion protection

Coquery, Clément / Negrell, Claire / Caussé, Nicolas / Pébère, Nadine / David, Ghislain

Page 509

{IUPAC Recommendations}

Nomenclature and terminology for dendrimers with regular dendrons and for hyperbranched polymers (IUPAC Recommendations 2017)

Fradet, Alain / Chen, Jiazhong / Hellwich, Karl-Heinz / Horie, Kazuyuki / Kahovec, Jaroslav / Mormann, Werner / Stepto, Robert F. T. / Vohlídal, Jiří / Wilks, Edward S.
{see IUPAC project 2001-081-1-800}

Page 523

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