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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 90, Issue 7


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{Conference papers}
{Papers from the 6th International IUPAC Conference on Green Chemistry (ICGC-6)}

DMF-promoted reductive functionalization of CO2 with secondary amines and phenylsilane to methylamines

Liu, Xiao-Fang / Qiao, Chang / Li, Xiao-Ya / He, Liang-Nian

Page 1099

Green chemistry in mineral processing: chemical and physical methods to enhance the leaching of silver and the efficiency in cyanide consumption

Alarcón, Alejandro / Segura, Carlos / Gamarra, Carlos / Rodriguez-Reyes, Juan Carlos F.

Page 1109

{IUPAC Recommendations}

Terminology of bioanalytical methods (IUPAC Recommendations 2018)

Labuda, Ján / Bowater, Richard P. / Fojta, Miroslav / Gauglitz, Günter / Glatz, Zdeněk / Hapala, Ivan / Havliš, Jan / Kilar, Ferenc / Kilar, Aniko / Malinovská, Lenka / Sirén, Heli M. M. / Skládal, Petr / Torta, Federico / Valachovič, Martin / Wimmerová, Michaela / Zdráhal, Zbyněk / Hibbert, David Brynn
{see IUPAC project 2011-047-1-500}

Page 1121

{IUPAC Technical Reports}

Properties and units in the clinical laboratory sciences part XXIV. Properties and units in clinical molecular genetics (IUPAC Technical Report)

Petersen, Ulla M. / Padró-Miquel, Ariadna / Taylor, Graham / Hertz, Jens Michael / Ceder, Rebecca / Fuentes-Arderiu, Xavier / den Dunnen, Johan T.
{see IUPAC project 2013-009-5-700}

Page 1199

Clarification of the term “normal material” used for standard atomic weights (IUPAC Technical Report)

Coplen, Tyler B. / Holden, Norman E. / Wieser, Michael E. / Böhlke, John Karl
{see IUPAC project 2015-030-2-200}

Page 1221

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