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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 95, Issue 8 

September 18, 2023 Page range: i-iii


Fred Brouwer
Preface for Special Issue of the 28th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry, Amsterdam, 2022 859

Conference papers

A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 28th IUPAC Symposium on Photochemistry (photoiupac 2022) held in Amsterdam, 17–22 July 2022; PAC keyword: PhotoIUPAC 2022

Silvia E. Braslavsky
Photochemistry in IUPAC: the Committee (1976–2001) and the Sub-Committee (2001–) 861

Jacek Waluk
Coupling between tautomerism and radiationless deactivation in porphycenes 873

Estefanía Rafic, Leonardo Daniel Slep and Roberto Etchenique
Tuning strategies for ruthenium-bipyridine phototriggers 879

Isabel Bogacz, Hiroki Makita, Philipp S. Simon, Miao Zhang, Margaret D. Doyle, Ruchira Chatterjee, Thomas Fransson, Clemens Weninger, Franklin Fuller, Leland Gee, Takahiro Sato, Matthew Seaberg, Roberto Alonso-Mori, Uwe Bergmann, Vittal K. Yachandra, Jan Kern and Junko Yano
Room temperature X-ray absorption spectroscopy of metalloenzymes with drop-on-demand sample delivery at XFELs 891

Alberto Blázquez-Moraleja, Oscar Cabezuelo, Rebeca Martinez-Haya, Luciana C. Schmidt, Francisco Bosca and Maria Luisa Marin
Organic photoredox catalysts: tuning the operating mechanisms in the degradation of pollutants 899

Juan C. Scaiano, Bowen Wang, Connor R. Bourgonje and Mahzad Yaghmaei
The nitro to amine reduction: from millions of tons to single molecule studies 913

Hiroshi Miyasaka, Syoji Ito and Hikaru Sotome
Reaction dynamics of molecules in highly electronically excited states attained by multiphoton and multiple excitation methods 921

Yang Zhou, Jingning Cao, Dachuan Zhang and Si Wu
Photocontrolled self-assembly based on photoresponsive ruthenium complexes 931


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