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Pure and Applied Chemistry Volume 95, Issue 4 

May 26, 2023 Page range: i-iii


Manabu Abe
Preface for special issue of ICPOC-25 in Hiroshima 329

Conference papers

A collection of invited papers based on presentations at the 25th International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry which was held in Hiroshima, Japan on 10–15th July 2022; PAC keyword: ICPOC-25

Shigehisa Akine
Control of chirality inversion kinetics of triple-helical metallocryptands 331

Takeharu Haino
Cooperativity in molecular recognition of feet-to-feet-connected biscavitands 343

Akihito Konishi, Koki Horii, Michiyoshi Hirose and Makoto Yasuda
Bis-periazulene: remaining non-alternant isomer of pyrene 353

Takashi Kubo
Closed-shell and open-shell dual nature of singlet diradical compounds 363

Hanna K. Maliszewska, Mahmoud A. S. Abdelhamid, María J. Marín, Zoë A. E. Waller and María Paz Muñoz
Anticancer activity and DNA interaction of bis(pyridyl)allene-derived metal complexes 377

Andreas Eitzinger and Armin R. Ofial
Reactivity of electrophilic cyclopropanes 389

Akihiro Shimizu, Shinobu Arikawa, Tetsuya Morikoshi and Ryo Shintani
m-Quinodimethane-based fused-ring triplet hydrocarbons 401

Hung-Cheng Chen, Chen-Yen Hung, Chih-Wei Lin, Kuan-Hsiang Wang, Mandy M. Lee, Peilin Chen, Tashin J. Chow, Chao-Ping Hsu and Shih-Sheng Sun
White light emission from an upconverted emission based on triplet-triplet annihilation with rose bengal as the sensitizer 413

Yumi Yakiyama, Minghong Li and Hidehiro Sakurai
Fluorosumanenes as building blocks for organic crystalline dielectrics 421

Aya Yoshimura and Yohji Misaki
Recent advances in developing tetrathiafulvalene analogs of electrode materials: discovery of an in-cell polymerization technique 431

Nicole A. Parks, Tillmann G. Fischer, Claudia Blankenburg, Vincent F. Scalfani, Leah R. McEwen, Sonja Herres-Pawlis and Steffen Neumann
The current landscape of author guidelines in chemistry through the lens of research data sharing 439

Baljeet Singh and Vivek Polshettiwar
Role of fiber density of amine functionalized dendritic fibrous nanosilica on CO2 capture capacity and kinetics 451

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