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Chemistry International Volume 41, Issue 3, July 2019

Archives of Chemistry International

Special IUPAC100 – A Glance at The Union History

Brigitte Van Tiggelen and Danielle Fauque, co-editors

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Special IUPAC100, by Brigitte Van Tiggelen (Page 1)

The Union in the interwar period

1919-1939: The First Life of the Union
Fauque, Danielle (Page 2)

The International Research Council and Its Unions: 1919-1931
Fox, Robert (Page 7)

Ernst Cohen and the Challenge of a Truly International Union
Smit, Jorrit P. (Page 9)

IUPAC in Brussels in 1921: A Historical Photo
Homburg, Ernst / Fauque, Danielle / Morris, Peter J. T. / Calascibetta, Franco / Alvarez, Santiago (Page 11)

Pioneers of Japanese Participation in IUPAC
Kikuchi, Yoshiyuki (Page 16)

After WWII: a fresh start

London 1947: A Caricature
Tiggelen, Brigitte Van / Fauque, Danielle / Meyers, Fabienne (Page 20)

Rebuilding IUPAC after WWII
Fauque, Danielle / Tiggelen, Brigitte Van (Page 22)

Ellen Gleditsch: Woman Chemist in IUPAC’s Early History
Lykknes, Annette (Page 26)

IUPAC Expansion from 1957 to 1975
Fauque, Danielle / Tiggelen, Brigitte Van (Page 28)


The First Russian President of IUPAC: Victor Kondratiev
Zaitseva-Baum, Elena (Page 33)

IUPAC Engagement in the Instrumental Revolution
Reinhardt, Carsten (Page 35)

IUPAC’s achievements and actions

A History of CNIC
Leigh, G. Jeffery (Page 39)

IUPAC and the Naming of Elements
Robinson, Ann E. (Page 44)

A Century of Nomenclature for Chemists and Machines
Hepler-Smith, Evan / McEwen, Leah (Page 46)

The mole and IUPAC: a brief history
Marquardt, Roberto (Page 50)

Stepping in the new century

Meeting of the IUPAC Executive Committee at the headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in Moscow 1988.

Women’s Increasing Responsibilities in IUPAC since 1975
Moreau, Nicole (Page 53)

The Historical Archives of IUPAC at the Science History Institute
Brashear, Ronald (Page 56)

Not an Epilogue, but a Commencement!
Tiggelen, Brigitte Van (Page 58)

As we embark on the next century of IUPAC, we look forward to pursuing the historical work with the IUPAC community and want to end this special issue with a call to arms: if you have historical material (pictures, manuscripts, publications), please join in the celebratory mood that spurs memories, and share them with us!


Mark Your Calendar (Page 59)  or see


cover: Luncheon by The Society of Chemical Industry to the XIth International Congress of Pure and Applied Chemistry at the Mayfair Hotel, London, July 18, 1947. Some impressions by Fred May. See more on page 20.

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