IUPAC, ready, get set, GO!

On 4 June 2022, IUPAC Council held a Special meeting which ultimately resulted in approving a proposal for the revised Statutes, Bylaws, and Standing Orders, by 137 votes for out of 162. “This marks an important milestone and is the first step in the building of a more effective, agile, and impactful organization” says Javier García Martínez, IUPAC president.

The revisions of the S&B will allow IUPAC to deliver a new organizational framework that is better suited for addressing the rapidly evolving science environment in which we are working.

This journey started about three years ago on 11 July 2019, during the 50th General Assembly held in Paris, when the Council instructed the Bureau to establish a Review Group to review our organizational structure. This Group conducted a careful and comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the entire organization. The Review Group proposed a new Organizational Structure which was considered and approved by both the Executive Committee and the Bureau late last year.

The work that is now required to implement the transition will start immediately and will take several months. Next year, there will be calls for nominations, and in August 2023 and during the next General Assembly, Council will vote to elect several officers and key members of the new Executive Board and Science Board. These new Boards will supersede the current Executive Committee and Bureau and will be instrumental in setting the agenda and priorities of the Union.

These initiatives are in addition to those already approved by Council: establishment of the Committee on Ethics, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (CEDEI), and the Centenary Endowment Board (CEB).

Another important recommendation of the Review Group was to improve communication with IUPAC National Adhering Organizations (NAOs). In consequence, regular forums will be held to allow informal online conversations between the Union leadership and the NAOs. The first of such NAO Forums will be held virtually on Wednesday, 13 July 2022 and on Thursday, 14 July 2022.


> IUPAC President letter to NAOs representatives (PDF)
> See relevant project 2020-007-1-020
> See results on ElectionRunners

> Resulting Statutes, Bylaws and Standing Orders (Transition Version 2022 (PDF))

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