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17 January 2022 - 20 January 2022


POLY-CHAR Auckland was initially planned to take place in January 2021. Circumstances associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and the health and safety of every conference attendee triggered the postponement of POLY-CHAR until 17-20 January 2022. The preparation for POLY-CHAR 2021 has been proceeding well with 5 plenary speakers and 18 invited speakers confirmed. The Committee will safeguard all the hard work the organizing team has completed so far and shift to the new conference date.

POLY-CHAR 2022 World Forum on Advanced Materials and “Short Course on Polymer Characterization”

The Annual Forum on Advanced Materials brings together professors, students and people from industry involved in theory, experiment and computer simulations under one roof to achieve systemic understanding of connections between structures, interactions, processing and properties in polymer materials science. This is a long-term activity, not aimed at temporary fashions.

From the very beginning one of the important aims of the conference is to give young scientists a forum to present their result and to meet with distinguished scientists from all over the world. The conference to set its mark in all parts of the work in order so that students and scientists from all parts of the world have a chance to participate at least occasionally.

Dr Jianyong Jin and A/P Duncan McGillivray
Organizing Chair of Poly-Char 2022
School of Chemical Sciences
Faculty of Science
The University of Auckland
Email: j.jin@auckland.ac.nz