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Chemistry International Volume 44, Issue 4

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cover: One of this year’s IUPAC top ten emerging technologies in chemistry ventures into virtual reality (VR) where computational chemistry connects in the metaverse. Through virtual spaces, researchers explore interactive collaborations that enhance the possibilities of computational chemistry and molecular dynamics. These innovative interactions with molecules reinforce researchers reasoning, as well as improve their understanding of quantum chemistry. (cover) Nanome is a US company which is already commercializing VR-based chemistry platforms. See feature p. 4.

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Archives of Chemistry International

Vice President’s Column

Implementing Data Sharing Policies at De Gruyter (see p 14)

The Chemist’s Oath (2-3)
by Ehud Keinan


IUPAC Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry 2022 (4-13)
by Fernando Gomollón-Bel
<> or [PDF]

Implementing Data Sharing Policies at De Gruyter (14-17)
by Lyndsey Dixon, Agnieszka Bednarczyk-Drag, and Katharina Appelt

Behind the Scenes: Stories of the Global Women’s Breakfast (18-25)
by Francesca M. Kerton



Vivek Polshettiwar, (right) received the 2022 IUPACCHEMRAWN VII Prize for Green Chemistry, from Pietro Tundo, founding chair of the IUPAC ICGCSD.

Vivek Polshettiwar is Awarded the 2022 IUPAC-Chemrawn VII Prize For Green Chemistry (26)

IUPAC Announces the 2022 Top Ten Emerging Technologies in Chemistry (26)

IUPAC International Award For Advances In Harmonized Approaches To Crop Protection Chemistry—Call For Nominations (28)

2023 IUPAC-Solvay International Award For Young Chemists— Call For Applicants (28)

2023 Distinguished Women in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering Award—Call for Nominations (29)

IUPAC Elections for the 2024–2025 Term (29)

NAO Forum (31)


Project Place


Bioavailability and Significance of Endocrine Disruptive Compounds in Ecosystem (32)
or <>

IUPAC Projects’ Contributions to the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Past, present, and future (35)
<> or
or <>



Multi-Scale Biogeochemical Processes in Soil Ecosystems: Critical Reactions and Resilience to Climate Changes (38)
Editor(s): Yu YangMarco KeiluweitNicola SenesiBaoshan Xing
John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2022, <>

Green Chemistry and Sustainable Development (38)
A special issue of Chemistry Teacher International
Vol 4, Issue 2, June 2022
Guest editors Bipulbehari Saha, Francesca Kerton and Hemda Garelick


Conference Call

International Year of Basic Sciences for Sustainable Development (IYBSSD) (39)
by Chris Brett

Making Global Green Connections: The Importance of Green Chemistry Summer School for Sustainable Development (42)

International Polymer Characterization (48)

Attendees of the 14th GCPSS and lecturers after the boat trip to the fascinating islands of Torcello and Burano. (Read p 42)


Mark Your Calendar


Year INDEX 2022 (51) [PDF]

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