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7 Nov 2024 - 9 Nov 2024

Pesticides and Related Emerging Organic Pollutants

International Conference Pesticides and related emerging organic pollutants — Impact on the Environment and Human Health and Its Remediation Strategies

The conference will bring together experts from India and other countries giving an opportunity not only to scientists from different disciplines, but also other organizations, policy makers and groups involved in control of pesticides to meet together and discuss future trends and action.

The conference will discuss comprehensive perspectives on the current challenges of pesticides pollution and the impact on the environment and human health. The conference will also discuss how pesticides and other chemicals effect nontarget organisms includes human, fish, prawn, etc by interactions of pesticides with biomolecules proteins and DNA and the associated link to diseases.

The conference will address biotechnological and nanotechnological methods and biopesticides and also environmental biotechnology methods, to avoid the impact of the pesticides on environment and to find the remedies for the pesticide pollution.

See details at <https://epcet.edu.in/icpreopiehhrs-2024-international-conference/>

Conference Convener:
Dr. Sreenivasa Rao Amaraneni <[email protected]>
East Point College of Engineering & Technology, Bengaluru 560049, India