Project Details End-of-line hyphenation of systematic chemical names

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 February 2014
End Date:
11 January 2021


To provide authors of chemical manuscripts with guidelines where systematic chemical names can be divided at the end of a line and instructions how to avoid these names being divided at illogical places in print.


What to do at the end of a line?

Because names of chemical compounds can be quite long and often require division at the end of a line, the project aims at formulating a set of recommendations that describe how these names should be meaningfully divided at line breaks. The recommendation should also prohibit division at illogical places. At present, proof reading may consist for a large part of suggesting other ways of how/where to divide chemical names in ways that make sense to a chemist. To avoid this proofreading aspect, the present project also proposes how authors could indicate themselves in their electronic manuscripts where names of chemical compounds can be divided and which hyphens that are part of the systematic name should not be used as end-of-line break.


Nov 2014 – Project announcement published in Chem. Int. Nov-Dec 2014, p. 23; DOI: 10.1515/ci-2014-0621

March 2020 update – The provisional recommendations titled “End-of-line Hyphenation of Chemical Names” is available for public review till 31 May 2020.

Jan 2021 update – IUPAC Recommendations published : Dijkstra, A. J., Hellwich, K., Hartshorn, R. M., Reedijk, J., & Szabo, E. (2021). End-of-line hyphenation of chemical names (IUPAC Recommendations 2020), Pure and Applied Chemistry, 93(1), 47-68;

Project completed

Last updated 13 Jan 2021