Project Details Chemical Education and Sustainable Development, International Conference on

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 2000
End Date:
18 July 2004


To disseminate experience in achieving the goals of education for sustainable development through the review of the implementation of recommendations of Agenda XXI in chemical education, to innovate the style of chemical education, to increase the involvement of educators to the sustainable development agenda.


This project is aimed to disseminate new educational means and new curricula developments in the field of the education for sustainable development. Chemical education can be effectively used for this purpose because chemistry as a fundamental science and as a scientific basis for a variety of technologies in different branches of industry is deeply involved in the progress of modern civilization. New generation of high school textbooks has been produced in different parts of the world (Chemistry in the Community, Salters’ Advanced Chemistry), and a lot of public interest was expressed concerning the national and international peculiarities of their application. The project will give an opportunity to review education kits, curriculum development, WEB sites and software, educational games specially focused on sustainable development education, as it was recommended by the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) of the UN. There are many chemical educators, well trained in environmental issues, who would like to move further and to make the contribution to the education for sustainable development.

Link to Agenda XXI
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Information about sustainable development (all languages)


A conference was organized in Moscow on 11-13 October 2000,and will cover the following topics:

  • Chemical Education and Technical Progress
  • Chemical Education and Human Health
  • Chemical Education and Environmental Problems
  • Chemical Education and Food Problems

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Project completed – A report is published in ChemistryInternational,July-Aug 2004, p.3.

A Second International Conference on ChemicalEducation and Sustainable Development is being planned in Moscow,Russia, 16-18 November 2004; the event is sponsored by IUPAC >see conference calendarfor details or <>