Project Details Transport Properties of Fluids - Theory and Representation

Project No.:
Start Date:
01 January 1991
End Date:
09 December 1999


The purpose is to produce a comprehensive book, describing the most soundly based methods currently available for evaluating the transport properties, particularly viscosity and thermal conductivity, of pure fluids and fluid mixtures. Special emphasis is to be place on recenttheoretical advances.


Project completed

Publication reference: TransportProperties of Fluids; their correlation, prediction and estimation, J. Millat, J.H. Dymond and C.A. Nieto de Castro, Cambridge University Press (1996), xiv + 483.

It is planned to start a new project on transport properties of molten metals where differences in viscosity of a factor of 10 occur in measurements from different groups. Theresults of a feasibility study will be presented at the Commission meeting in Halifax (16th ICCT, Aug 2000). Because of the large discrepancies in the literature viscosity data for toluene at elevated pressures, a new experimentalproject will probably be set up in 2001.

Last Update: 9 December 1999