GWB in Taiwan- Crucial roles of female characteristics in promoting SDGs and IDGs

National Sun Yat-sen University


Prof. Chia Wang


Kaohsiung City 804



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The 2023 GWB venue in Taiwan will be held in the Sunset Beach Resort in the beautiful campus of National Sun Yat-sen University, beginning at 9:45 am on Feb 14th, with the main theme of “breaking the barriers”. In this GWB venue, we will break the barriers in subjects, industries and business, generations, and genders. In this event, we will also attempt to cross the borderline between science, art and humanity by including a 20 min session of music/art performance at the beginning of the event. In this GWB event, we have invited speakers from science, industry, and NGO to talk about the roles of female characteristics in promoting SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and IDGs (Inner Development Goals). During the brunch, we have set some time for establishing mentor-mentee relationship. After the brunch/talk session, we arrange a boat trip to visit the sustainale facilities of Kaohsiung Harbor.