GWB for to empower women on various aspects and help them achieve their different life goals


Dr. Christelle Noelle Dzesse Tekouo


Vina, Adamawa



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The GWB is the first one organized at the University of Ngaoundere. Its main objective is to empower women in science on various aspects. Three presentations from female scientists will be done. The first is on key components of a research proposal. Many women would like to apply for postdoctoral fellowships, grants and establish collaborations with renowned scientists yet don’t have the required skills. This presentation will give skills that will allow them to write proposal that can easily be funded. The second topic is on getting funds for research. Women will receive skills on the need to get research funding, the types of fundings and ways to boost their chances of getting fundings. The third one is about balancing research and family life and how to manage time. Many women give up on research because they are unable to make it at the same time while managing family. This presentation will empower women and help them to have a brilliant career as researchers while managing family