Global Women's Breakfast - Uppsala, 12th of February


Ms. Sofie Ye


Husargatan 3

Uppsala, Uppland 75237



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We welcome all woman-identified chemists in Uppsala to join us for this year's Global Women's Breakfast! The theme for GWB2020 is “Building bonds to create future leaders” with a focus on leadership development and we encourage woman-identified chemists from all levels of education to take part.

Everyone who registers for the event is welcome to enjoy free breakfast in a relaxed environment and during the breakfast Ulrika Yngve (researcher, SciLifeLab) and Eszter Borbas (senior lecturer, Uppsala University) will give short talks based on their experiences as chemists. The number of available spots is limited to 100 and the first 40 who register will receive a small gift, so make sure to register today!

For those who are interested, there will also be an opportunity to participate in a 45-min workout session specifically held for chemists prior to the breakfast, visit the registration form ( for a more detailed agenda. Welcome!

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