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5 Nov 2018 - 8 Nov 2018

Data interoperability in chemistry, biology, and crystallography

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SciDataCon 2018 seeks to explore the digital frontiers of global science by bringing together research and practice papers from a wide range of perspectives. The scope is explicitly broad and inclusive, addressing all aspects of the role of data in research.

In the context of SciDataCon 2018, CPCDS/SCDS is organizing a session titled Data interoperability in chemistry, biology, and crystallography: Enabling multidisciplinary solutions to societal challenges; Session Organisers: Ian Bruno, Jeremy Frey, John Helliwell, Leah McEwen

Interoperability of data – what are the scientific success stories? What challenges had to be faced and how were they overcome? What is necessary to ensure that data from one discipline can be appropriately evaluated and applied by researchers in other disciplines?  What are the current opportunities for meaningfully making data more interoperable and how can the scientific unions and cross-sector initiatives help?

This session, proposed jointly by the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), aims to explore these questions around interoperability with particular reference to the disciplines of chemistry, crystallography and biology and with UN Sustainable Development Goals around health, disease and energy storage in mind. Our aim is to foster awareness of data activities within these disciplines and identify opportunities for improving interoperability across domains. We hope to give voice to data initiatives that have their roots in industry as well as in academia and to feed into broader discussions around inter-disciplinary interoperability, including CODATA’s task group on Coordinating Data Standards amongst Scientific Unions.

SciDataCon 2018 will take place on 5-8 November in Gaborone, Botswana as part of International Data Week convened by CODATA, the ICSU World Data System and the Research Data Alliance.

See full details at https://www.scidatacon.org/IDW2018/sessions/223/

Qst? contact SCDS chair Leah McEwen

Nov 2019 update – Here are the references to the SCDS related papers invited by CODATA, and resulting from a joint collaboration between IUPAC and IUCr having organized a symposium on this topic across disciplines at the CODATA/RDA meeting in Botswana in Nov 2018. The first paper below arose from a conversation with the GeoSciences community who also participated in this event to discuss chemistry related needs in the Earth Sciences disciplines and share their project on Enabling FAIR Data. The papers are published  in Data Intelligence (published by the National Science Library, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vol1/Iss4 special issue edited by CODATA):

Growing the FAIR Community at the Intersection of the Geosciences and Pure and Applied Chemistry
Shelley Stall, Leah McEwen, Lesley Wyborn, Nancy Hoebelheinrich and Ian Bruno

Taking FAIR on the ChIN: The Chemistry Implementation Network
Simon J. Coles, Jeremy G. Frey, Egon L. Willighagen and Stuart J. Chalk
Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

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5 Nov 2018


8 Nov 2018

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