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11 Jun 2017 - 16 Jun 2017

Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XL (CSI-XL)

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CSI is a series of conference on Analytical Spectroscopy, fundamentals and applications.
This symposium endeavors to congregate physicists and chemists from universities and research institutions with industry analysts in all fields of analytical spectroscopy. The discussions will be focused not only on the results of basic research and method development but also on the outcome from daily practice in the field of optical spectroscopy.

The topics of CSI XL, Pisa June 11-16 2017 are:

  • Basic theory and instrumentation of:
    Atomic spectrometry (AAS, AFS, ICP OES, ICP-MS, GD, etc.)
    Molecular spectrometry (UV-Vis, NMR, Raman, IR, etc.)
    Organic/inorganic mass spectrometry (TIMS, MALDI, LC-MS, GC-MS)
    X-ray spectrometry (XRF, XRD, XANES, PIXE, etc.)
    Hyphenated techniques
    Vapor Generation & Sample introduction Techniques
    Laser spectroscopy
    Computational Spectroscopy
    Imaging techniques
    Nuclear techniques (Mössbauer spectroscopy, Gamma spectroscopy, NAA)
    Methods of surface analysis and depth profiling
  • Application of spectroscopy in
    Materials sciences (nano/micro, surface and interface analysis)
    Environmental and geochemical analysis
    Archaeometry and cultural heritage
    Biological applications
    Food analysis
    Clinical and pharmaceutical analysis
    Speciation analysis/Metallomics
    Mass spectrometry in post-genomics and proteomics
    Miniaturisation and nanotechnology
    Fuels and biofuels

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Post conf update:
A brief report is published in Chemistry International, Jan 2018, p. 38, https://doi.org/10.1515/ci-2018-0119