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31 May 2020 - 4 June 2020

23rd International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry

During the past decade, the tremendous advances have been achieved on developing phosphorus chemistry and applying these new chemistry in many fields. The conference will be organized around four interrelated topics:

1) Recent advances in new reagents and methods in phosphorus (asymmetric) syntheses, including theoretical aspects;
2) New applications of phosphorus catalysts in syntheses;
3) Latest developments concerning phosphorus-based compounds in life & health sciences, including methodologies for studying phosphorus-involving processes in living organisms;
4) Phosphorus material chemistry and applied science.

Program Committee co-chairs:
Frank H. Ebetino, Dept.of Chemistry, U. of Rochester, Rochester, NY, halebetino@aol.com
Charles E. McKenna, USC Center for Drug Discovery, mckenna@usc.edu

General Contact:
Feng Ni, E-mail: nifeng@nbu.edu.cn
E-mail: info@icpc23.org