The year 2019 marked the 100th anniversary of IUPAC and also the 150th anniversary of the development of the Periodic Law of the Elements. To celebrate these anniversaries, IUPAC is hosting an online, global challenge about the Periodic Table of the Elements. Thousands of players from 136 countries had participated in the online challenge aimed at a global audience of young students, encouraging them to become part of a global community that is excited about chemistry.

When contestants successfully completed the Periodic Table Challenge with at least 60 % grade, they could advance to the Nobelium Contest for a chance to win a limited edition Periodic Table autographed by a Nobel Laureate in Chemistry! In the Nobelium Contest, participants were invited to share their passion and creativity about chemistry by highlighting the role of the Periodic Table in a creative manner. The entries could be focused on science, art, or education and outreach.

All entries are shared online and up for vote for People’s Choice and also judged by the IUPAC panel of experts based on three broad categories: creativity, commitment, and impact.

The Spring winners were announced on 1 April 2019, the summer winners were announced in sync with the actual 100th anniversary of IUPAC (28 July 2019), the fall winners of the Nobelium Contest were announced in November 2019 and the final Winter winners are:

Chinyere Ogbodo (Nigeria) for her entry My Dream 22nd Century Periodic Table

Rudolf Brandes and Swantje Meier (Germany) for their entries The Periodic Table as a Musical Instrument and The Periodic Table as a Musical Instrument: Physical background

Victoria Benderschi (Moldova) for her entry The Box Labelled 119

Cristina Albino (Portugal) and the 9th Grade Class from School EB 2,3 Padre João Rodrigues for their entry Chemistry is in Fashion!

Rita Godoroja (Moldova) and the 7th Grade Class from Da Vinci High School for their entry Periodic Table Christmas Song

Monique Boodram (USA) for her entry Periodic Table of Elements Reading Lights

Theodora Ghelis (Greece) and her team for their theatre entry Dance me to the end of Chaos

In addition to the Nobelium Winners, two entries were selected for the People’s Choice Award:

Licht Nagamori (Japan) for his entry Periodic Table for Kids

Yihan Wang (Singapore) for her entry Periodic Table of Chemistry