I choose to dream… to have a vision of the Periodic Table by the next century. What it would look like is not much of a mystery because, veteran scientists have set a precedent for its actualization. In my dream, Richard Feynman’s prediction that element 137 will be the limit of discovery was disproved! New elements were discovered and named, up to the Noble gases of period 8- element 168! I see a larger periodic table for sure, with several aesthetic advancements that 22nd Century modernization will grant it.
My beloved country Nigeria, will have an element discovered in her and named after her; the continent Africa too. Elements will not only have Greek or Latin alternative names. I see a coinage metal element having an Igbo name- Omalicha (Ol). What a beauty it will be! Oh and there are elements bearing Hausa and Yoruba names too- Karfi (Hausa for strong) and Didun (Yoruba for delightful).
I see the letter J finally getting into the periodic table with the naming of an element after the technology-laden country, Japan. Diamond has a special, exalted place in the ‘kingdom of minerals’. I see an element named after it, even though it is Carbon already.
Oh, I see the names of so many more scientists featuring in the next century periodic table! There is Albertium, Daltonium Roaldium, Feringium, Chalfium, Lefkowitzium, Thomasine, Arnoldium, Yonathium, and so on!
Wow! This beautiful dream of mine, to what extent will it come true?


About Chinyere Ogbodo

Mrs Chinyere Ogbodo taught Chemistry for nine (9) years at Vaatia College Makurdi, a renowned high school in Nigeria. Her project is inspired by her interactions with her students during that period. Presently, she works at a water treatment facility in the nation’s capital, Abuja. She is also studying to acquire a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Environmental Chemistry at the Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi.