Since I started learning Chemistry four years ago, my curiosity about Chemistry has been accumulating with every new piece of knowledge introduced to me. Not only does the learning of pure Chemistry content intrigues me as I never fail to be intellectually challenged, but the positive effects brought about by Chemistry to our real-life also impresses me. Be them polymers, proteins, or lithium-ion batteries, Chemistry truly has a huge influence on our day-to-day lives.

In commemoration of the International Year of Periodic Table, I decided to compile 118 fascinating Chemistry topics that I learnt, am currently learning and will learn in the future. Starting from July, I spent about six months conceptualising the “Periodic Table of Chemistry” and collecting captivating Chemistry illustrations before penning them down on 118 sheets of coloured papers using simple explanations.

This special periodic table not only conveys my passion for Chemistry, but I hope it also reminds us of the remarkable inventions brought about by the wonderful study of Chemistry.

About Yihan Wang

A graduating high school senior impressed by the wonder of Chemistry :D