My project is a poem which helps to learn the uses and to guess some properties of the first twenty elements.

The periodic table

The periodic table
The chemical elements table

First there is hydrogen,
Which is used for rocket propulsion

Then there is helium
Which floats balloons

Then comes lithium
Which is present in battery cells

Then there is beryllium
Which is toxic and forms sweet salts

Then comes boron
Which is found in every household

Now comes carbon
Which forms millions of useful compounds

This the periodic table
The metals and non metals table

There comes nitrogen
Which is present in laughing gas and explosives

Then there is oxygen
Which sustains life

Then comes fluorine
Which prevents dental cavities

Now comes neon
Which makes bulbs glow red

This is the periodic table
With periods and groups

Now comes sodium
Which is present in common salt

Then there is magnesium
Which is a important nutrient

Here comes aluminium
Which can be made into fools and cables

Next comes silicon
Which is present in computer chips

There comes phosphorus
Which is used in fireworks

Then comes sulphur
Which is part of proteins and antibiotics

This is the periodic table
With halogens and noble gases

Now there is chlorine
Which kills germs

Next comes argon
Which makes filaments last longer

Then there is potassium
Which is used in the fertilizer industry

And then comes calcium
Which keeps our bones and teeth healthy

These are just a few
In the periodic table
The never ending table.

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I am Shraddha Rajeev studying in class 9.