Nobelium Contest

Share your passion and creativity about Chemistry with the world community!

In the Nobelium contest we ask you to celebrate the Periodic Table. In the International Year of the Periodic Table, we invite you to share your passion and creativity about the chemistry with the world. The entries of this contest should highlight the role of the Periodic Table in a creative manner. Due to the creative nature of this contest, the types of submissions can be varied. As an example, you can make an educational video about an element, you can write a story (fiction or otherwise), you can write a haiku or a poem, make a song or a painting. Entries can also highlight your outreach or community service in chemistry or chemistry education. The choice is entirely yours!

Video shown by Sir Martyn Poliakoff during the opening ceremony of the International Year of the Periodic Table on 29 January 2019 (UNESCO, Paris)

All entries will be open to a popular vote and the best participants of the Nobelium Contest will be eligible to receive a limited-edition Periodic Table poster autographed by a chemistry Nobel Laureate! All eligible entries will be judged by the IUPAC panel of experts based on these three broad categories: creativity, commitment, and impact (votes received). For an entry to be eligible, contestants must successfully complete the Periodic Table Challenge and receive at least 60 % grade. The winners of the Nobelium contest will be announced by IUPAC throughout the year in four stages (spring, summer, fall, and winter).