Russia is a cold country, but the Russian character of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev has a warm and kind heart. One of the symbols of Russia is a woolen shawl. I used illusion knitting recognised as an art form since 2010 to make the shawl. Dmitry Ivanovich loved strong tea, to prepare it from boiling water on the train when he was driving to the village. D.I. Mendeleev understood and appreciated painting, played chess, croquet, glued clean and tidy and liked to talk about everything. Dmitry Ivanovich read a lot, especially loved poetry. His son-in-law is Alexander Blok in his poem “The Unknown Lady” wrote:
And every evening at this hour
(or is it just a dreamy case?)
A waist in satin, like a flower,
Moves past the window in the haze.

Without drunken men to hinder,
Alone, she walks across the room
And settles down by the window
Exhaling fog and sweet perfume.

I feel her close (a strange emotion),
And looking through the veil, I see
The vast of an amazing ocean,
The coast of an amazing sea.

The main precept to man from D.I. Mendeleev is “Truth, work and forgiveness.”

About Irina

I am a researcher at the Institute of Physical Materials Science in Russia, I am fond of knitting and handmade things.