Our teacher Rita Godoroja showed us that chemistry can be studied in loads of fun ways, so we decided to celebrate the 150th Periodic Table Anniversary in a very unusual way, we thought of presenting the Periodic Table in a sweet style, we made cupcakes, which had an element written on the top.
We spent quality time together drawing each symbol of every chemical element with dark chocolate. We presented our project in front of the whole school (including parents and teachers). This activity was amazing even for the pupils who haven’t studied chemistry in their life, being able to taste the chemistry’s essence. This experience was unforgettable!

Please watch our project below

About Matricala Maxim

We, Matricala Maxim and Guzun Rusanda, are a team of two students in the 11th grade from The Lyceum Da Vinci,Chișinău,Republic of Moldova.Both of us are ambitious and passionate about chemistry.