Biological life exists on this earth because of water.
My project is a small awareness story to save water.

The story is Narrated my the super power of Atom.

The Narration goes like this.

Hello World …I think you know me I am the the owner of atom. The Atom runs with my instructions.
They are equal to my children.
All the elements are my children.
All the compounds are my grandsons.
One day a grandson complained me about your behavior. “He is H2O” He complained me with a great sorrow that you are wasting him.

By wasting water you are wasting many things. Just imagine you wasted 1gram of water then it means you are wasting 33×10^21 particles of water in each practical 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen Atom. Which is not a small number. They work hard to be together in a relationship called covalent bond. If u waste a single gram if water it mean you are wasting hard work of these many atoms.
Please save the world save the water.
I may please you now but a day comes when I will punish you.
Save water. Save World!

About K.Bajrang

I am a 16 year old India and a chemistry lover.