This video is for chemistry learner’s who can easily learn periodic table elements with some easy tricks in Hindi. And this video also in support of completion of 150 years, the establishment of periodic table (1869) by Dmitry I. Mendeleev the year 2019 declared as International Year of the Periodic Table (IYPT-2019) by UNESCO to enhance global awareness of and education in basic sciences, recognizing the importance of chemical elements in our daily lives and advances in research and discoveries for sustainable development and for the benefit of humankind.

About Dr. Mukesh Kumar Saini

Mukesh Kumar Saini PhD, Chemistry Professor in Rajdhani College, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. Teacher of Inorganic chemistry, and have experience of 3 years teaching at graduate and masters level. My keen passion is to deliver creative ideas about chemistry to the students for better understanding of it. Researcher in the area of nano materials, polyoxometalates nano clusters, catalysis and published 8 articles in peer reviewed reputed journals. We are celebrating the international year of the periodic table of chemical elements (IYPT-2019) at our institution by doing different activities to enhance the global awareness of basic science education.