The underlying order of the Atoms and asking the question of Intelligent Design has inspired my work. I have developed a new and improved Periodic Table of Elements that restores the Lanthanides and Actinides in their proper positions while also applying a complete and accurate numbering system. (1-8) numbering in s and p blocks correspond to Valence Electrons with (9-18) and (19-32) corresponding to core Electrons in the d and f block Elements.

I have also inverted the Periodic Table of Elements which reflects the “missing” Anti Matter of our Universe. Unique to my Periodic Table of Elements is the ability to easily identify any Elements Electron Spin for Orbital Diagrams by shifting Elements up or down. Lastly I have highlighted some of the AUFBAU Exceptions or Electron Configuration anomalies in the transition metals. Interestingly, standing the Periodic Tables upright resembles the image of human beings, hence the title of my project, from Atom to Adam.

About Justin Colburn

I am an alumnus of the University of new Mexico but now I am just an independent researcher and science enthusiast with a passion for learning Chemistry and the Periodic Table of Elements. My goal is to inspire others to educate themselves and make the world a better place through knowledge of the Periodic Table of Elements. The more we know about the Elements, the more we know about ourselves and the origins of the Universe. God bless.