From the land of poets and thinkers a POEM for you

O people I have never seen
I’m standing before you

Why have you assembled here?

I want to get to know you
O places I have never been

Hafnium, you o Lutetium, Holmium
Cities of power and beauty as well

What are your stories, o where’s the big secret?

Maybe the erudite scientists tell
Fermium, you o Einsteinium, Bohrium

Faces composed and collected, sparkling and bright eyes and organs
Hearts that are strong and they carry so much

As for the noble and poor a song for the old and the young

Lungs of great volume are breathing in deeply
I’m hearing the grand choir sing:

we flew through the sun and from planet to planet
went to the moon and collected them all

look up at the blue sky, it’s shining

We Are The Elements

look down at the ground, it‘s under your feet

our traces seem randomly scattered
we though obey something else omnipresent
which grants us fierceness and freedom

The atoms have spoken revealing their nature
And clearly I see now their reveling parts:

Electrons are dancing within wacky orbits, the crowd made of neutrons and protons essential

These are uniting the glorious spheres but differing only in number they are
Obvious is now the salient rule: two follows one so three follows two

Children they are Mendeleev and Mayer
For seeing the elements‘ natural order

Of mothers and fathers in families and periods nicely arranged

Subject these are to a much greater power
Now building blocks forming our delicate life

Time, a ubiquitous principle giving
Energy flowing through everything living

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

A force is pulling me into your midst
You’re welcoming me, o what pleasure I feelbecoming a piece of the elements‘ art

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