Dr. Sofiya Aydinyan is a researcher at A.B. Nalbandyan Institute of Chemical Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia. In 2019, she successfully accomplished postdoctoral research in Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. Her research interests are focused on the field of material science, particularly the synthesis of multifunctional materials: pseudoalloys, biomaterials, nanostructured ceramic composites via energy-saving self-propagating high-temperature synthesis for additive manufacturing through selective laser melting of specially designed core-shell and hybrid structures for machinery, aerospace and biomedical applications. Recently she proposed SuperStrong and Lightweight Nanoceramics by SHS for Additive Manufacturing through 3D printing for next generation high temperature compounds, which might be prospective for aerospace applications. The results of her studies have been reported in more than 30 original papers and patents published in recognized international journals, such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Materials Science and Engineering B, Ceramics International, Journal of the European Ceramic Society, etc.

Apart being a researcher, Dr. Aydinyan has been a lecturer of General & Inorganic chemistry in Yerevan State Medical University, Chrystallochemistry, Chemical technology in Yerevan State University, Armenia, and lecturer of Materials Science & Engineering in Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia. Dr. Aydinyan is teaching Chemistry at Middle and High-school students for more than 10 years at “Shirakatsy Lyceum” International Scientific Educational Complex, mentoring the individual research projects of high-school students. She supervised several bachelor, master and PhD students.

She has given multiple interviews to Armenian newspapers, public lectures on chemistry for several high-school students, organized scientific competitions of students in an effort to make science attractive, popular and curious for non-scientists.