Dr. Galina Knyazheva is a Senior Researcher at Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions. Her main scientific activity is connected with synthesis of superheavy elements in the heavy-ion-induced reactions. Her major studies are related to the interaction mechanisms in the reactions with heavy ions and influence of the reaction entrance channel properties on fusion probabilities of heavy and superheavy nuclei. These investigations allow to find the optimal experimental conditions for producing superheavy elements in complete fusion reactions of heavy nuclei and is especially important since the production cross section of superheavy elements is extremely small. Dr. Knyazheva also investigates the alternative ways for obtaining new neutron-rich heavy and superheavy nuclei.

She serves as part-time associate professor at the Dubna State University. She supervises several bachelor, master and PhD students. The results of her studies have been reported in more than 50 original papers published in high-impact international journals such as Physical Review, Physical Letters B, Nuclear Physics, European Physical Journal etc.

Dr. Knyazheva has won several awards for her studies, including the First Prize at the JINR Young Scientists competitions in the field of fundamental physics research, First Prize at the JINR competition in the field of experimental research, Second Prize at the JINR competition in the field of experimental methodics and several others.