Dr. Jessica Pandohee is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at Edith Cowan University, Australia. After completing her A-Levels at the Loreto College Port-Louis in Mauritius, she received an International Academic Excellence Scholarship from Deakin University to study a Bachelor of Forensic Science followed by an Honours project titled “Interrogating complex bio-systems” with Associate Prof. Xavier Conlan.

Jessica obtained a PhD in Applied Chemistry (with Associate Prof. Oliver Jones) from RMIT University, where she was developing multidimensional chromatographic techniques for targeted and non-targeted study of metabolites in the field of food, agriculture and forensic science. The work for which she received the RMIT Vice Chancellor Prize for Research Excellence, The Agilent Technologies Award for Separation Science and an Honourable Mention for the IUPAC-Solvay award in 2018.

Jessica’s interests in improving human health and tackling global challenges arising from a growing food, environmental and water insecurity have led her in collaborative projects. She was one of the 15 scholars selected the United Nations University – Institute of Advanced Studies and ProSPER.Net Young Researcher’s School to address issues of environmental degradation, increasing levels of urbanisation and persistence of poverty in Thailand.

Jessica attended the 67th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting to discuss some of the most pressing global problems and is now leading the use and development of the Q-Exactive GC-MS as a tool for metabolomics analysis in order to explore the microbiome and linking microbial metabolites to health and diseases.

Jessica is involved in non-profit organisations for education, social, environment and health causes. She is actively volunteering with the UNDP Asia Pacific Regional Bureau. She is also 2016 Victorian International Student of the Year and won the Premier’s Award highlighting academic excellence, contribution and capacity to be an inspirational role model.