Anna Romanchuk is a senior scientist who graduated and then made her PhD at Lomonosov Moscow State University (Russia) and currently is a group leader at the department of chemistry whose research is related to plutonium- one of the most toxic and complex chemical element.

Anna’s research is focused on the chemical behavior of plutonium and its fate in the environment as well as methods for effective clean-up of the former nuclear weapon sites. Anna is perfectly trained for interdisciplinary research. Her studies involve, besides nuclear chemistry skills, material research methods (X-ray spectroscopy, high-resolution electron microscopy, neutron diffraction and scattering), analytical chemistry (detection of various analytes including Pu in various samples including low-level counting), geochemistry (diffusion and reactive transport studies) and computer modeling (thermodynamic modelling of Pu interfacial behavior).

She participated in several large national and international projects on Pu chemistry and its migration behavior. She is involved in research and development programs at contaminated former military sites. Despite her young age she has been invited to the large number of scientific conferences through the world. She made plenary and invited talks at the international conferences in USA, Russia and India.

Her group is involved in number of scientific collaborations with various institutes and laboratories in France, Germany, USA, India and Russia. Anna had been a trainee at Helmholtz Centrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Dresden, Germany) and Washington State University. She is an author of large number of publications on Pu chemistry and related phenomena. She is active in knowledge transfer as she supervises undergraduate and PhD students as well as active in lecturing on advanced and popular science topics.