My aim is connect science and music. Namely being creative. So in this project i sed elements and notes in periodic table. Elements has sorted by their type like nonmetals, metals and semimetals in music and if i need to say more specific in violin we have natural, diesis and flat. So i connected them each other. I made metals as natural, made nonmetals and rare gases as diesis and finally mode semimetals as flat. Then i wrote pieces about this. Of course elements are in order. If we need to give an example hydrogen is a nonmetal so i made it diesis. And then comes helium i made it diesis again. And it goes like this.


I am 15 years old. ı am a student Sehit Ozcan Kan Science High school.I like to create something. ı thought that i can mix music and science.. So i took violin notes and periodic table and made a song..