IUPAC’s New Executive Board – 2024 Call for Nominations

Chemistry and its adjacent subject areas are undergoing a revolution when it comes to data management, and topics such as sustainability, energy, food security and health. As the global organisation that provides a common language for chemistry, advocates the free exchange of scientific information, and fosters sustainable development, IUPAC must plan its scientific strategy to foresee the next areas in chemistry that will need clear guidelines on standardisation and data management. Therefore, at the end of 2023, we are inaugurating a new management structure to replace the Bureau and Executive Committee.

Starting in 2024, IUPAC will be governed by its Officers and the Executive Board, under the oversight of the Council. IUPAC administrative operations and finances will be overseen by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will be ultimately responsible for strategic decisions and executing the programme of IUPAC on behalf of Council. It is responsible for developing and setting the policies of IUPAC, and for initiating and building relationships with national and international organisations that are aligned with IUPAC activities.

The Executive Board will have six members elected by the Council. Thus, IUPAC is seeking nominations of motivated candidates with experience in directing the affairs of a non-profit organisation whose work is done primarily by volunteers. Although prior knowledge and experience of IUPAC’s structures and modus operandi would be beneficial, we welcome nominations from candidates with governance experience in other organisations.

The expected time commitment would be the attendance of four quarterly meetings of up to three hours, a yearly meeting of a half to a full day and one yearly meeting with the Executive Board’s sister body, the Science Board. Every two years, the Council meeting should be attended. Except for the Council Meeting, these meetings would mostly be held online. A term of service on the Executive Board will be for two years, with an extension of another two years being possible. No Division President or Standing Committee Chair may simultaneously be an Elected Member of the Executive Board.

Specific responsibilities of Executive Board members, as listed in S7 of the IUPAC Statutes and Bylaws (effective from 1 January 2024).

The principal duties of the Executive Board and its members, subject always to the Statutes and Bylaws, are as follows:

  • to ensure the strict observance of the Statutes and Bylaws;
  • to oversee the administrative operations of IUPAC and IUPAC finances and to inform the Science Board of the funding proposed to be available for the scientific activities of the Union;
  • to hold joint meetings with the Science Board at least once per year;
  • to prepare the meetings and the agenda for meetings of the Council, together with the Science Board, and to make provisions for elections;
  • to make recommendations thereon to the Council;
  • to attend the meetings of the Council;
  • to implement the decisions of the Council and execute, together with the Science Board, the programme of the Union as directed by the Council;
  • to take steps to ensure that IUPAC World Chemistry Congresses are held;
  • to take all other steps necessary for the good conduct of the affairs of the Union.

To express an interest in being nominated as a candidate for the Executive Board of IUPAC, please complete the nomination form and submit it before or on 1 March 2023. Applicants must be from a member country and preferably be nominated by their National Adhering Organisation.