Ture Damhus has been awarded the status of Emeritus Fellow in Division VIII. This appointment reflects his standing as a scientist and continuing service to the division and to the Union.

Ture Damhus (born 1952) studied chemistry and mathematics the university of Copenhagen, specializing in coordination chemistry with an emphasis on ligand-field theory and the group theoretical background for that (MSc 1979, PhD 1984). When one studied chemistry in Copenhagen in those days, the influence of Professor K.A. Jensen (nomenclature activist in Denmark as well as in IUPAC and editor of the 1970 Red Book) was felt strongly. TD’s interest in nomenclature was enforced by a brief spell of IUPAC work from 1978 to 1980 (in a Working Party on stereochemistry together with his mentor, Professor C.E. Schäffer).

In his first employment, with the Danish authorities in the Register of Substances and Materials, TD could make use of his interest for nomenclature, but then already in 1985, he went to an assignment in industry (the company Novo Industry, later Novo Nordisk and eventually from 2000, Novozymes; retiring in 2019), and TD states that nomenclature became a hobby with little relation to his daily work.

TD was invited by the CNIC chairman Alan Sargeson as an observer in 1996 and has stayed on board IUPAC since then (in CNIC, ICTNS, JCBN, the Division VIII Committee and a number of project task groups).

He was coauthor of the 2005 Red Book, of the 2011 Principles of Chemical Nomenclature book and the organic and inorganic Brief Guides.

TD participated in national and international activities in the International Year of Chemistry 2011.

TD is an honorary member of the Danish Chemical Society and is the chairman of the Society’s Nomenclature Committee which seeks (in the spirit of K.A. Jensen) to provide Danish chemical nomenclature as close to IUPAC recommendations as possible.


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