Andrey Yerin has been awarded the status of Emeritus Fellow in Division VIII. This appointment reflects his standing as a scientist and continuing service to the division and to the Union.

Andrey Yerin
(Portugal/Russia) – IUPAC member since 1996, CNOC (1996-2001,Observer, AM, TM), Division VIII (2003-2023, AM, TM, NR).

Andrey is a member of IUPAC since 1996 firstly with Commission on Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry (CNOC) and serving as Observer, Associate Member and Titular Member. After reorganization of IUPAC joined Chemical Nomenclature and Structure Representation Division (Division VIII) serving for twelve years as AM and TM and for four years as NR (Russia). A consultant on nomenclature for WHO International Nonproprietary Names (INN) programme.
During these years Andrey participated in the development of IUPAC nomenclature recommendations on Spiro compounds, Von Baeyer polycycles, Fullerenes, Rotaxanes and some others. He is a coauthor of Graphical Representation Standards for Stereochemical Configuration and Structure Diagrams, Brief Guides on Inorganic and Organic nomenclature, a member of about 20 completed and ongoing projects including participation in development of the IUPAC International Chemical Identifier (InChI). (see ID page, or search in Pure and Applied Chemistry)

With ACD/Labs, Andrey’s professional work is aimed at development of algorithmic nomenclature tools to turn vast and complex IUPAC nomenclature books and papers into cheminformatic tools providing chemists, journals and databases with strict systematic IUPAC names and unambiguous chemical structures.


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