Prof. Jung-Il Jin has been awarded the status of Emeritus Fellow in Division IV. This 2020 appointment reflects his standing as a scientist and continuing service to the division and to the Union.

Prof. Jung-Il Jin (Emeritus Professor, Korea University, Seoul) is a polymer scientist who has had a remarkable career. His contribution to the progress of polymer science and education is highly regarded and well known both internationally and domestically. He has published ca.400 original articles in the areas of liquid crystal polymers, conducting and optically active polymers, and electromagnetic properties of DNAs. These works have been cited close to 10,000 times and have resulted in him being a plenary speaker at many conferences. He has been on the editorial advisory boards of about 15 different journals. His scientific excellence has been recognized through receipt of numerous domestic and international awards and prizes, most notably a UNESCO Medal for Contributions to the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies in 2016.

Prof. Jin’s IUPAC activities date back to 1991, when he was elected to be a National Representative in the then Macromolecular Division (now Polymer Division, Div. IV) in order to work with the Subcommittee on Macromolecular Nomenclature (now Subcommittee on Polymer Terminology, of which he remains a member to this day). Since then he has continued to work diligently for the Polymer Division, most notably as Division Vice President (2002-2005) and Division President (2006-2007). At this stage he was elected to the even loftier position of IUPAC President (2008-2009), which also led to him serving as Past President (2010-2011). These tenures involved him playing a leading role on the management committee for the International Year of Chemistry 2011. He also visited the UN in 2009 and through this meeting with its Secretary General a cooperation between the UN and IUPAC was started, especially with sustainable development in mind. Further, it led to IUPAC becoming a United Nations NGO. Jung-Il’s many other roles in IUPAC over the years have included Bureau, Executive Committee, Committee on Chemical Research Funding, and the Editorial Advisory Board of Pure Appl. Chem. He has actively participated in many projects and cooperated with the Committee on Chemistry and Industry, CHEMRAWN and the Committee on Chemistry Education. He has also been involved in reviews of IUPAC strategy and project financial reporting. There is barely a group within IUPAC that hasn’t had JIJ associated with it at some stage!

In the area of conferences Jung-Il has also been prominent. He was one of the pivotal organizing members of IUPAC MACRO SEOUL in 1996 and the IUPAC GA and World Chemistry Congress in 2015 in Busan. He has been on the organizing committee of numerous other conferences and meetings sponsored by IUPAC.

It is important also to mention Jung-Il’s indispensable role in establishing both the Hanwha-Total Fund (formerly Samsung Fund) within IUPAC and the Hanwha-Total IUPAC Young Scientist Award that it endows. Begun in 2004, the latter is biennial and is for the most outstanding polymer scientist under the age of 40. The donation of US$125k for the Fund was the first of its kind, i.e., from industry to IUPAC.

Outside of IUPAC (but related to it), Jung-Il has been President of the Korean Chemical Society, the Polymer Society of Korea, the Korean Federation of Science Culture and Education Societies, and several other domestic societies and associations. He is a senior fellow of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology. He is a PMSE Fellow of ACS (USA), Fellow of the RSC (UK), and was the founding President of the Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS), as well as now being a Distinguished Fellow of it. He was Dean of the Graduate School and Vice-President of Korea University. He is an honorary professor of Jilin University and of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China.
Throughout all these activities Prof. Jin has demonstrated enthusiasm and innovative leadership. He is widely respected and remains an excellent mentor, advisor and guide. With his 80th birthday and Macro2020+ approaching, it is a perfect moment to confer this richly deserved honor upon him.

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> READ more: Hess, Michael. ” Laudatio : Professor Jung-Il Jin” Chemistry International, vol. 44, no. 2, 2022, pp. 23-25.


Domestic and International Awards
Korea University Research Award, Korea, 1986
Polymer Society of Korea Award, Polymer Society of Korea, 1988
Korea Science Award, President of Korea, 1991
King Saejong Memorial Award, President of Korea, 1998
Seoul Citizen’s Prize, Seoul City Mayor, 2003
International Polymer Award, The Society of Polymer Sci., Japan, 2004
Paul J. Flory Polymer Research Prize, POLYCHAR, 2005
Sudang Award, Sudang Foundation, Korea, 2006
Khundkar Memorial Lecture Award, Univ. of Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2007
Order of Service Merit, Aquamarine Stripes, President of South Korea, 2007
Honorary Doctor’s Degree, Kazan State Technological University, Kazan, Russia, 2007
Chang-Bai Mt. Friendship Award, Governor of Jilin Province, PR China, 2007
Korean Academy of Science and Technology Award, 2008
Chinese Friendship Award, Beijing, China, 2010
National Decoration of Highest Order, President of South Korea, 2013
Award for the Best Research Paper, Korean Council of Science Editors, 2016
UNESCO Medal ‘Contribution to Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnologies’, Paris, France, 2016

Honorary Positions
Since 2006 Prof Jin is Honorary Professor at the Jilin University, China, and 2009 Honorary Professor at Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In 2009 he became President and Board Chairman of the Korean Federation of Science, Culture and Education Societies. He is Honorary President of the Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE) (2014), and Honorary President of the Council of Asian Science Editors (CASE).

Academic Societies and Foundations
IUPAC Emeritus Fellow (2020 – present), ACS PMSE Fellow (2016 – present), International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC, President, 2008. 1 – 2009.12), Federation of Asian Polymer Societies (FAPS, Founding President, 2008. 1 – 2009.12; Distinguished Fellow, 2017. 10 – present), Korean Chemical Soc. (President, 2000), Polymer Society of Korea (President, 1997), Korea Academy of Sci. & Tech. (Senior Fellow and Chairman, Natural Sci. Div.), RSC (U.K., Fellow), NY Acad. Sci. (Member), Asia-Pacific Acad. Materials (Member), Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (Vice President, 2002-2005), Korean Association of Science and Technology Studies (President, 2003 – 2004), Federation of Asian Chemical Societies (Fellow), Bangladesh Chemical Society (Honorary Fellow), Sudang Foundation (Board Member, 2015, 10 – present).

Editorial Advisory Boards
Macromolecules (USA), Polymer (Jap.), Polymer-Plastics Tech. & Engr. (Dekker, USA.), Korea Polym. J., Bull. Korean Chem. Soc., Polymer International (Wiley), Chinese Polymer Journal, Chem. J. Arab Union, J. Malaysia Chem. Soc., Pure Appl. Chem. (IUPAC), Polymer International (Wiley), Polymer Chemistry (RSC).

Liquid Crystalline Polymers (Korean, Min-Eum Sa, Seoul, 1985)
General Chemistry (translation to Korean, Il-Sin Sa, Seoul, 1987)
Introduction to Organic Chemistry (Korean, Chang-Wo Sa, 1989)
Liquid Crystalline Polymers (Korean, Moon-Woo Dang, 2001)
Chemistry Anecdotes (Korean, Yang-Moon, 2006)
What is happening in Polymer Lab (Korean, Yang-Moon, 2007)
Materials Science of DNAs (English, CRC Press, USA, 2011)
Science in Poems (Korean, Gungree, 2012)
Prof. Jin, Chemistry in Anecdotes (Korean, Gungree, 2013)
Science Pouch of Prof. Jin (Korean, Gungree, 2014)
Science in Novels (Korean, Gungree, 2018)
I am still dreaming science (Korean, Gungree, 2020)
A Portrait of a Chemist (Korean, Gungree, 2021)

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