Professor  D. Brynn Hibbert has been awarded the status of Emeritus Fellow in Division V. This 2021 appointment reflects his standing as a scientist and continuing service to the division and to the Union.

Emeritus Professor D Brynn Hibbert AM FRSN FRACI FRSC occupied the Chair of Analytical Chemistry at the University of New South Wales since arriving from England in 1987 until his retirement in 2013. His research interests are in metrology and statistics in chemistry and electrochemistry, but he also does a sideline in expert opinion in matters of drugs (of abuse, and sports), scientific fraud and presenting science to the public. He is the Past President of the Royal Society of New South Wales and was made a member of the Order of Australia in 2018.

Brynn was recruited to IUPAC by the late Paul De Bièvre in 2001, and became an Associate Member, Titular Member, Secretary, Vice-President and President of the Analytical Chemistry Division, and subsequently the Australian National representative. He is presently Secretary to the Interdivisional Committee on Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols. He has been associated with 38 IUPAC projects, twelve of which are on-going. His major long-term project is editing the 4th edition of the IUPAC Orange Book (Compendium of Terminology in Analytical Chemistry), which was conceived at the 2009 General Assembly and is about to be sent to the publisher (the Royal Society of Chemistry) in April 2022. Each of the 13 chapters has been published as a Recommendation or Technical Report (or both), and the book itself has been extensively reviewed by the Division and by ICTNS. It is hoped that the nearly 4000 terms will be taken into the new Gold Book expeditiously.

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