Subcommittee on Drug Discovery and Development


The Subcommittee on Drug Discovery and Development’s mission is to facilitate the use, understanding, public awareness, and application of medicinal chemistry and aspects of drug discovery and development internationally and world wide. Medicinal Chemistry is a major scientific discipline in the Subcommittee, and which is vitally important to the pharmaceutical industry. Medicinal chemists are actively involved in new drug discovery and in solving problems of designing molecules to optimize their biological properties.


The Subcommittee generally meets twice yearly and provides an excellent forum for discussing projects through the exchange of information, views and ideas among chemists in Drug Discovery and Development from different countries, representing both academia and the pharmaceutical industry.
Since 2006, the Subcommittee organizes the IUPAC-Richter Prize in Medicinal Chemistry. In 2020, the most recent prize was awarded to John Macor (see release). Previous IUPAC-Richter Prizes were awarded to Malcolm F.G. Stevens in 2006, Jan Heeres in 2008, Arun K. Ghosh in 2010,  Stephen Hanessian in 2012, Helmut Buschmann in 2014, Michael Sofia in 2016, and Peter D.J. Grootenhuis in 2018. See 2022 Call for Nominations.

Meeting Minutes

Activity Reports

In recent years, the Subcommittee has published several books, produced important glossaries on terms for use in medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutics, biomolecular screening, and computational drug design, and released various articles. It has also organized educational schools in medicinal chemistry, especially in Latin America and India. (An overview of the accomplishments during the last decade has been published in Chem. Int. Sep 2015, pp. 17-20; DOI: 10.1515/ci-2015-0506)

The output of these activities are readily accessible via the following project pages:
(each project page includes details on the original project setting and links to outcomes and/or publications)



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