Chemistry and Human Health Division


The mission of Division VII is to promote pure and applied chemistry in the service of human health and well-being.

Major aspects are the development of therapeutic drugs, the standardization of clinical laboratory methods and the protection of humans from potential harmful substances. All three sectors have seen many new developments in the past 20 years, and Division VII helps IUPAC and the chemical community to keep up with the rapid changes in the health-related areas.

Members of the Division VII were meeting online on February 25, 2022


The Division VII has interests ranging from research and training in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery, engineered nanomaterials, emerging problems with the use of ‘designer drugs’, explanatory dictionaries, terminology and nomenclature of properties in clinical laboratory science, advances in immunochemistry and applications to human health among others.

Recent News

 Michael E. Jung is Awarded the 2022 IUPAC-Richter Prize  (Jan 17, 2022)

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Current Projects

Meeting Minutes

Activity Reports

  • Report 2020-2021 (prepared for Council virtual meeting August 2021) Prof. Rita Cornelis (pdf 423 KB)
  • Report 2020, by Prof. Rita Cornelis (pdf 1MB)
  • Report 2019, by Prof. Rita Cornelis (pdf 92KB)
  • Report 2018, by Prof. Rita Cornelis (pdf 88KB)
  • Report 2016 (prepared for Bureau in Montreal) by Dr. Tom Perun (pdf 94 KB)
  • Report 2014-2015 (prepared for Council in Busan) by Dr. Tom Perun (pdf 91 KB)
  • Report 2013, by Prof. D.M. Templeton (pdf 136 KB)
  • Report 2012, by Prof. D.M. Templeton (pdf 237 KB)
  • Report 2011, by Prof. D.M. Templeton (pdf 183 KB)
  • Report 2010-2011, by Prof. D.M. Templeton (pdf 255 KB)
  • Report 2010, by Prof. D.M. Templeton (pdf 226 KB)


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An Ontology on Property – For Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems, by Dr René Dybkær (2004)

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Emeritus Fellows

The Division of Chemistry and Human Health awards the status of Emeritus Fellow to former members of the Division and its erstwhile Commissions and Subcommittees who have made outstanding contributions to IUPAC and, through chemistry, to the health sciences in general. See more