Subcommittee on Chemical and Biophysical Processes in the Environment


The Subcommittee on Chemical and Biophysical Processes was established in 2014. It combines the activities of the previously existing divisional subcommittees on Biophysico-Chemical Processes in Environmental Systems and on Chemistry of Environmental Compartments.

Currently, more than 30 scientists from over 15 countries are collaborating in the subcommittee.

What we do

Our goal is to use our collective expertise to safeguard the environment and protect human health. We promote and disseminate cutting-edge knowledge on the chemical and biophysical processes in the environment that is both evidence-based and globally informed.

Our activities are wide-ranging and collaborative. We work closely with our global family of chemists and scientists, other IUPAC divisions and committees to advance chemical sciences.

Some examples of the exciting work organised and chaired by members of the subcommittee include:



Scientific meetings

  • Technical symposia in the 46th (Sao Paulo, Brazil 2017), 47th (Paris, France 2019) and 48th (Montreal, Canada 2021) World Chemistry Congresses
  • The Microplastic symposium in APCE and CECE, Angkor Wat, Cambodia 2021
  • Water and Environmental Analysis meeting in HPLC conference, Jeju, Republic of Korea 2017
  • Trace elements analysis of environmental samples with X-rays symposium in the 14th ICOBTE Conference, Zurich, Switzerland, 2017.

Organisers and speakers of one of the three technical symposia in the 47th World Chemistry Congress, Paris, France 2019


Join us

The subcommittee is open to all scientists. If you are interested in becoming a member of our subcommittee, or would like to propose a new IUPAC project, please contact us by clicking on the links below:

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Activity Reports

– Minutes remote meeting March 2020 (pdf – 184 KB)

– Report of activities 2019 (pdf – 185 KB)

– Minutes meeting Rome May 2018 (pdf – 166 KB)

– Report of activities 2018 (pdf – 166 KB)

– Minutes meeting London 2016 (pdf – 33 KB)