Subcommittee on Metrology in Chemistry


  • – To collect information on aspects of metrology, quality control & quality assurance, quality systems & quality management, as well as conformity assessment in current practice of analytical chemistry laboratories.
  • – To initiate and coordinate projects in metrology and quality according to the needs of the analytical chemical and metrological communities, and to encourage activities in these areas from across the Divisions and Standing Committees.
  • – To participate in harmonization of metrological and quality guidelines to analytical chemistry laboratories set out by international and regional organizations (BIPM, ISO, WHO, FAO, IAEA, AOAC International, ILAC, CITAC, EUROLAB, EURACHEM, etc.).
  • – To recommend to the President of Div V representatives to the Joint Committee for Guides in Metrology (JCGM) and its working groups: JCGM WG1 on the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM), and JCGM WG2 on the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM).
  • – To liaise between IUPAC and ISO Committee for Reference Materials (ISO/REMCO) concerning availability, needs, and use of reference materials, as well as between IUPAC and ISO Technical Committee for Measurement Methods and Results (ISO TC 69/SC6).

Composition and Terms of Office

The Subcommittee on Metrology in Chemistry is a part of the IUPAC Analytical Chemistry Division (Div V). The Subcommittee Chair is elected by Div V Committee at the beginning of the biennium for the term of two years. It consists of members of Div V and other IUPAC Divisions interested in the field of metrology and quality, as well as invited associate members and known specialists in the field.

Current Projects

Activity Reports

Recent Projects

2018-004-1-500 – IUPAC/CITAC Guide for evaluation of risks of conformity assessment of a multicomponent material or object due to measurement uncertainty
2013-032-1-200 – Guidelines for the derivation of values and uncertainties from standard atomic weight intervals


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