Subcommittee on Metrology in Chemistry

Terms of Reference

  • To harmonize the general approaches on the quality assurance requirements for analytical laboratories between different IUPAC Divisions and Commissions.
  • To collect information on all aspects of quality assurance, quality management, quality systems, total quality management and conformity assessment of quality systems currently in practice in analytical laboratories.
  • To harmonize requirements on quality assurance and quality management systems in analytical laboratories set out by other international, regional or national organizations (ISO, WHO, FAO, IAEA, CEN, AOAC International, NATA, EURACHEM, CITAC, etc.).
  • To provide a channel of communication between IUPAC and ISO/REMCO (ISO Committee for Reference Materials) concerning availability, needs, production and use of reference materials.
  • To assist analytical laboratories in Developing Countries to achieve their desired quality of work through proper application of international standards and guides related to the fields above. This work is to be carried out in close co-operation with other international organizations, especially ISO/DEVCO (ISO Committee on Developing Countries).
  • To provide support in scientific matters to ISO.


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