Subcommittee on Polymer Education


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The Subcommittee on Polymer Education was established in 2005 to bring existing educational activities under one roof and to emphasize both the importance of polymer education and the dedication of the IUPAC Polymer Division to this important field.

polyedu_homeThe Subcommittee supports recurrent educational activities for polymer students from less-developed countries; it organizes educational sessions within the framework of the IUPAC Macro World Polymer Congress series and maintains the IUPAC Polymer Education Website. This website is recommended for all people with any interest in polymers, from novices through to experts. It also provides free educational material. As in other Polymer Division Subcommittees, activities are organised around specific projects that are run by Task Groups. The Subcommittee meets annually on the occasion of the alternating IUPAC General Assembly (odd years) and IUPAC Macro World Polymer Congress (even years).

Membership of the Subcommittee is open to individuals who want to actively participate in the work of the Subcommittee, e.g., as a Task Group (project) leader or Task Group member. Proposals on educational projects are encouraged. If interested in working with the Subcommittee please contact the Chair.

For a recent review of the Subcommittee’s work and “The Contribution of IUPAC to Polymer Science Education”, see J. Chem. Educ., Article ASAP 19 Jul 2017, DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.6b00800

Current Projects

Activity Reports

2010-032-3-400: Guidelines of Multinational Calls for research cooperation and funding through national funding agencies
2009-015-1-400: International Tutorial in Polymer Characterization — 18th POLYCHAR short Course
2010-015-1-400: Postgraduate Course in Polymer Science
2007-049-1-400: Postgraduate course in polymer science
2007-027-1-400: International tutorial in polymer characterization – POLYCHAR 16
2004-037-1-400: Design of polymer education material for French speaking countries