Representatives On Other Organizations


Guidelines for IUPAC Representation at Meetings of International/Regional Organizations

1. A list shall be drawn up biennially by the President, in consultation with the Secretariat, and approved by the Executive Committee, of organizations for which the Union will provide full funding for IUPAC representation.  In addition, those organizations shall be identified, for which partial funding may be provided for such representation.

2. The list of official IUPAC Representatives ON Other Organizations shall be reviewed by the outgoing President of the Union in consultation with the incoming President and the Secretary General.

3. In the case of special requests for IUPAC representation, funding (full or partial) may be granted by the President, subject to the restricted funds available and, if necessary, approval of the Treasurer.

4. Each IUPAC representative is responsible for ascertaining potential interest of various IUPAC bodies and ensuring that he/she is properly briefed on the subject before attending the meeting.

5. Each IUPAC representative to a meeting of another organization is required to submit a brief report on its activities, recommendations for any IUPAC activities-collaborative or otherwise- based on the meeting attended, and a recommendation about future IUPAC involvement with the organization. Failure to provide such a report will jeopardize future funding by IUPAC of representation to meetings of the organization.


2020-2021 Representatives

ONorganization linkIUPAC rep.Div. Support.
Science History InstituteSHILynn Soby
Committee on Antarctic Research of ISCSCARRai Kookana
Strategic Approach to International Chemicals ManagementSAICMAnna Makarova
OPCW Advisory Board on Education and OutreachOPCW/ABEOJan Apotheker
The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical WeaponsOPCWChristopher Brett
JCGM Working Group on the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM)JCGM-WG2Jeremy FreyDiv V
JCGM Working Group on the International Vocabulary of Metrology (VIM)JCGM-WG2Zoltan MesterDiv V
JCGM Working Group on the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)JCGM-WG1Juris MeijaDiv V
JCGM Working Group on the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM)JCGM-WG1Div V
International Union of Pure and Applied PhysicsIUPAPChristopher Brett
International Union of Pure and Applied PhysicsIUPAPLars OhrstromDiv II
NanotechnologiesISO/TC 229Edwin ConstableDiv VIII
Clinical laboratory testing and in vitro diagnostic test systemsISO/TC 212Div VII
Committee on reference materialsISO/REMCODiv V
International Science CouncilISCChristopher Brett
International Council of Chemical AssociationsICCAColin Humphris
Inter Agency MeetingIAMZoltan MesterDiv V
Latin American Federation of Chemical AssociationsFLAQJavier Garcia-Martinez
Federation of African Societies of ChemistryFASCRichard Hartshorn
Federation of Asian Chemical SocietiesFACSQi-Feng Zhou
European Chemical SocietyEuCheMSChristopher Brett
Committee on Space Research of ISCCOSPARJavier Garcia-Martinez
Committee on Data of ISCCODATAJeremy Frey
Cooperation on International Traceability in Analytical ChemistryCITACIlya Kuselman
Joint Committee for Guides in MetrologyBIPM/JCGMJurgen Stohner
International Committee on Weights and Measures/Consultative Committee for UnitsBIPM/CCURoberto Marquardt
International Committee on Weights and Measures/Consultative Committee for Amount of Substance: Metrology in Chemistry and BiologyBIPM/CCQMZoltan Mester
PhosAgro/UNESCO/IUPAC(link to UNESCO)Christopher Brett
CODATA Executive BoardRichard Hartshorn
EurachemFilomena CamoesDiv V
InChI TrustRichard Hartshorn