Pure and Applied Chemistry Editorial Advisory Board


Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), is the official journal of IUPAC. It is published monthly and contains recommendations and reports, and lectures from symposia.

Terms of Reference

(i) The EAB shall monitor scientific and editorial standards of PAC and its derivative products, and advise and assist on all aspects of planning, implementation, and evaluation of publication policy and practice.
(ii) The EAB shall respond to requests for critical evaluation of PAC-related activities and initiatives.
(iii) The ex officio members of the EAB shall be responsible for reporting back to their respective IUPAC constituencies on relevant PAC matters.

Composition and Terms of Office

(i) There shall be an Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) for the IUPAC journal Pure and Applied Chemistry (PAC), comprising the Secretary General (ex officio), the President of each Division or his/her nominated representative (ex officio), the Chair of the Committee for Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards or his/her nominated representative (ex officio), the Chair of the Inter-divisional Committee for Terminology, Nomenclature and Symbols or his/her nominated representative (ex officio), the Scientific Editor (ex officio), and up to six invited members.
(ii) The ex officio members shall serve for the duration of their IUPAC appointments, subject to confirmation at each General Assembly. Invited members shall be nominated by the President and appointed in consultation with the Executive Committee. Their period of service shall be four years, renewable for a further term of four years.
(iii) The Secretary General shall chair any meetings of EAB members, and the Secretariat shall maintain records of such meetings.

Meeting Minutes

Busan, Korea, 10 August 2015 (PDF file) Draft
Beijing, China, 19 August 2005 (PDF file – 26KB)
Turin, Italy, 08 August 2007 (PDF file – 122KB)